• Bringing Together Elements of the Health Care Industry in Surprising and Innovative Ways

    We create strategies that generate significant new revenue from non-traditional sources.

  • Seasoned Consultants

    A Seasoned Team of Health Care Consultants

    With deep and diverse experience across the health care industry, leveraged to achieve our client’s goals.

  • Consulting Expo

    The Transition Network Welcomes Beechwood Health Solutions

    CEO Judith Hicks will present in Chicago on new findings on the correlation between type 2 diabetes and Alzhiemer’s disease.

Improving performance through innovation

Beechwood Health Solutions is a strategy consulting firm. We help organizations create new sources of revenue or cost reduction by identifying and implementing innovative healthcare service delivery models. We have assembled a team of consultants with expertise across the health care industry. As a firm, our experience is deep and diverse, and we leverage it to help our client’s achieve their goals.