Practice Areas

Payer Support Services

We work with a variety of payer support services, including disease management services, pharmaceutical benefit management services, health informatics services and other healthcare technology providers.

At Beechwood Health Solutions, we leverage our experience with non-profit providers and self-insured employers to help providers of payer support services identify opportunities to innovate their current offerings or to define new markets for their current services.

Our approach includes a review of our client’s existing resources, to help them to re-imagine their capabilities and to leverage partnerships with other players in the healthcare system.

We offer the following solutions for payer support service providers:

  • Service Innovation:  Payer support services are under pressure to provide their clients with demonstrated ROI at an ever-declining price. We help our clients identify opportunities to innovate their current service offerings, with the goal of reducing the costs or increasing the revenue associated with the delivery of those services.
  • Market Expansion:  Many payer support service providers have identified innovative service delivery methods, but have failed to fully capitalize on the market potential of the innovation. We help our clients identify opportunities to expand the current market for their services.