Practice Areas

Education Services

Colleges and training programs bring together incredible talents, combining highly trained faculty with an ambitious student body. Beechwood Health Solutions believes that by leveraging their unique institutional resources, education service providers can uncover significant untapped value for the institution, its faculty and its students.

We work with a wide range of healthcare education services, including advanced nurse practitioner programs, technology and telehealth services, distance learning programs and healthcare-focused management programs. Regardless of size, we help our clients identify opportunities to innovate their current service offerings or expand the market for their existing services.

Our approach includes a review of our client’s existing resources, to help them to re-imagine their capabilities and to capitalize on their existing strengths, skills and investments in the organization.

We offer the following solutions to education service providers:

  • Service Innovation:  Education service providers often possess untapped value. We help our clients identify opportunities to innovate their service offerings, with the goal of identifying new revenue sources.
  • Market Expansion:  Many education service providers have identified innovative service delivery methods, but have failed to fully capitalize on the market potential of the innovation. We help our clients identify opportunities to expand the current market for their services.