Our Perspective

Innovation Drives Performance

The healthcare industry is in a constant state of flux. Yet healthcare organizations face certain realities that are unchanging. Key among them is that operating expenses are rising while market forces are either keeping flat or driving down per-patient revenue.

In this environment, margins are steadily compressed and most healthcare organizations rightly look to push unnecessary costs from their operations. Yet this focus on efficiency can inhibit organizations’ abilities to pursue new opportunities in the marketplace.

At Beechwood Health Solutions, we believe healthcare organizations that make innovation part of their everyday work can reap tremendous rewards. Our focus is to help our clients look to the market to find new sources of revenue generation or cost reduction by identifying and implementing new service delivery models.

...we believe healthcare organizations that make innovation part of their everyday work can reap tremendous rewards.

Innovation, of course, can take many forms. Our engagements help clients make incremental changes to their operating strategy. Most often, our projects focus on one of two areas: a) redesigning the delivery of an existing service or b) expanding the target market for an existing service.

Our process carefully examines a client’s existing resources, and helps them to re-imagine their capabilities and to capitalize on the strengths, skills, and existing investments in the organization.

We work with clients across the healthcare industry, from non-profit health systems to telehealth device manufacturers. While each organization has unique needs, we have developed a common approach to healthcare innovation that ensures positive results for our clients.

To meet our client’s needs, we have assembled a team of consultants with expertise across different parts of the healthcare industry. As a firm, our experience is broad and deep, and we are equipped to work with our clients through every stage of innovation, from planning through implementation.

Healthcare is undergoing a fascinating transition, as the industry continues to react to the implications of healthcare reform. At Beechwood Health Solutions, we help our client’s seize opportunities in this rapidly changing market, and achieve revenue gains that strengthen their organizations and help them fulfill their missions for years to come.