Letter from the CEO

Whether your organization is a large self-insured employer, a non-profit health care organization, or an educational entity, one commonality that makes all organizations similar is the need for innovation. This innovation must stem from a willingness to pursue non-traditional approaches when conventional methods are not enough to lead an organization through exceptionally difficult times.

My experience at Focused Health Solutions, a for-profit subsidiary of Children’s Memorial Medical Center, illustrates the ability to utilize innovation to develop something of value from an unlikely source. FHS was founded in 2000 to provide disease management services exclusively to self-insured employers. The organization grew rapidly and developed a list of blue chip clients that including Exelon, Federal Express, Toyota Motor Manufacturing and Northern Trust. In 2006, the company was sold to a private equity group for over $100 million.

Our firm specializes in finding those areas of innovation that provide a new way of visualizing the internal capabilities of a business. Thus, a not-for-profit may need to create a for-profit subsidiary in order to generate the needed revenues to keep the core mission of the organization alive. A large self-insured employer may need to create real health care changes in their workforce in order to lower health care costs and lost time in the workplace, not simply one more plan redesign that shifts cost from the employer to the employee. An educational organization may realize that their educational excellence may also create business opportunities that can enhance student experiences and provide for students at a time of decreased philanthropy and government grants.

We strongly believe the emergence of Health Care Reform allows innovation that has previously been rejected due to reimbursement concerns. In the burgeoning area of performance based reimbursement, the use of telehealth, mobile technology and tablet and phone based systems all create unique opportunities to deliver health care services in a more valuable and efficient manner.

At Beechwood Health Solutions, our goal is bring together elements of the health care industry in surprising and innovative ways in order to create additional organizational value in non-traditional environments. The expertise and diversity of our team is a reflection of this approach. Our plan is to work with our clients to deliver value and create implementation strategies that will generate significant new revenue from non-traditional sources.



Judith Hicks, CEO