About Us

Improving Performance Through Innovation

BHS is a strategy consulting firm. We help organizations create new sources of revenue or cost reduction by identifying and implementing innovative healthcare service delivery models.

Guiding Principles:

  1. In a rapidly changing healthcare landscape, significant opportunities exist for organizations that innovate care delivery.
  2. Innovation in healthcare requires a deep understanding of the interconnections among the various players patients, providers, and payers in the system.
  3. Investments in service innovation are justified by short- and long-term ROI.
  4. We earn our fees by helping clients increase revenues or decrease costs.

How We Are Different:

  1. An exclusive focus on innovating patient care within the complex healthcare ecosystem.
  2. We understand multiple perspectives in healthcare delivery including providers, payers, device manufacturers and educators.
  3. The collective experience of our team is both deep and diverse.
  4. We believe that Telehealth technologies can create new forms of care delivery that will be supported financially in the changing healthcare environment.